The SWCD owns four different pieces of equipment that are to be rented out to local landowners. This is done to raise funds for the district, but also to provide a service to landowners. Please contact our office for scheduling information.

Land Pride Drill 2.jpg
Land Pride 706NT Series No-till Compact Drill 7’ Width
  • 10 rows, 7.5” row spacing, 2x13 single press wheels
  •  5/8” turbo coulters, standard tougue, clevis hitch
  •  2 Seed Boxes
  •  $9 an acre/$55 min
  • Modified to be pulled by tractor or horse team.
Betterway Hi-Boy Seed Spreader
  • Pulls with a single horse
  • Broadcast cover crops
  • $4 an acre/$40 min.
Salford 522 Air Drill
  • 30' wide
  •  Capable of seeding cover crops and injecting dry fertilizer in the same pass.
  •  Provided by collaboration of Adams SWCD and Allen SWCD.
  •  The regular rental price is $30. This includes drill, tractor, & operator.
  • SPECIAL RATE: $16/acre ($15/acre if the invoice is paid within 10 days)